Authentic Pilates Canada™ is Canada’s Authentic Pilates teacher education centre, providing comprehensive teacher training in the classical Pilates system and continuing education credits. Our Mission is to preserve and teach Authentic Pilates with current and future generations of Pilates professionals. Authentic Pilates Canada™ is the first Pilates education center of its kind in Canada. With principle educator, Cara Hazelton, and a roster of adjunct faculty, that no other school in Canada has access to, Authentic Pilates CanadaTM is THE place to learn and study Pilates.


Authentic Pilates Canada™ offers comprehensive teacher education through seminars, apprenticeship, independent study, and examinations that make up 700 hours of training. In addition to the Comprehensive Teacher Education Program we offer a Bridging Program and an Independent Study Program catering to experienced Pilates practioners and those with previous training. We also offer a Mat Plus Pilates Certification that allows teachers to earn some income while they are working towards their Comprehensive Education.

Admission to these programs involves an evaluation of physical fitness and proficiency in Pilates work.