Comprehensive Pilates teacher Training

Teacher education seminars are taught at Precision Pilates in Halifax, NS. The full range of Pilates exercises are taught for Mat, Universal Reformer, Cadillac, High Chair, Wunda Chair, Arm Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Magic Circle, Pedipole, Push-up Handles, Toe Corrector, Neck Stretcher, Foot Corrector, Breathasizer, and Sandbags.  There are four 20-hour education seminars that must be completed in order.  These seminars will focus on the foundational principles of Contrology, Pilates’s system of mental and physical conditioning:

  • The importance of purpose: Discover Joe’s original purpose for each exercise and how this helps you guide your clients through more cohesive lessons.
  • Proper exercise and teaching techniques on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, as well as small accessories
  • Working with a variety of clients and learning to assess their needs.
  • How to see, touch, and hear your clients bodies: Learn to read movements, ‘hear’ the springs, and investigate movements using touch, and know what to do with what you see in their bodies.
  • Safety: How to keep you and your clients safe at all times both on and off the apparatus.
  • Anatomy necessary for understanding basic movement concepts and Pilates sessions.
  • Using voice, touch, and images to direct your client to their body: Often neglected in other training programs, the use of hands on guidance as well as assistance is crucial and really defines what Joe Pilates wanted us to give to others.
  • Programming for group classes and why the system works: Yes, you can follow the order, use the method, and teach amazing group classes on the mat, reformer, cadillac, and more!!
  • Drills for teachers to better their practice: Teachers are forever students, learn how to keep your own practice fresh as well as progressive.
  • Giving clients what they need: How to decide what exercises to give in a lesson to enable your clients to heal, gain strength, and progress overall.
  • Working with injuries, chronic conditions, and special populations. Classical Pilates is a gift of a method that allows us to work with the most challenging situations for both clients with very special needs due to injuries or elite athletes training for their next big event.
  • Managing the classical work in a non-classical setting: This is something not covered in any other program. Although the ideal is classical apparatus, this is not always possible. You will learn how to adapt to best work with what you have access to.
  • Many other topics and issues related to and about Traditional Pilates will be covered, including history, focus, spirit etc.

Tuition and Enrolment

Comprehensive Teacher Education System

Tuition: $6000 (includes seminars and apprentice hours, use of studio for personal practice, group classes when space is available).  A deposit of 50% is due upon acceptance to reserve space in the program.

20 Mandatory private lessons: rates vary by teacher. Lessons can be paid for over the course of the apprenticeship.

Testing fees: $100 for the Basic and Intermediate Test, $150 for the Final Evaluation


Each educational weekend seminar is followed by a period of apprenticeship.  

The Comprehensive Teacher Education program has three 200-hour apprenticeship periods are made up of observation, individual training (including private lessons with approved instructors), and practice teaching.  Students will be required to log their apprenticeship hours and attend apprenticeship meetings.  It is recommended that students spend an average of five hours per day, four days per week, on observation, practice teaching, and personal practice.  As part of their personal practice, apprentices are required to complete 20 private lessons by the completion of the Advanced level with approved APC™ teachers.  The entire program must be completed within 18 months.


An evaluation follows each apprenticeship period to evaluate the student’s mastery of that level’s core concepts and exercises.  Evaluation is conducted as follows:

Comprehensive Teacher Education

  • 200 hour evaluation: Demonstrate basic system and teach a regular studio client.  Must be completed by 250 hours or will be considered F and subject to retesting fees. 
  • 400 hour evaluation: Demonstrate intermediate system, teach a beginning student, and write a test comprised of short essay questions. Must be completed by 450 hours or will be considered F and subject to retesting fees.
  • 600 hour exam: Teach different aspects of the method on different apparatus to at least two different clients, prepare a case study and /or write an exam comprised of essay questions. Must be completed by 650 hours or will be considered F and subject to retesting fees.

Required Resources All programs

Pilates, Joseph, A Pilates Primer (2006)

Required Resources Comprehensive Program

Fiasca, Peter. Discovering Pure Classical Pilates (2009)

––––. Voices of Classical Pilates (2013)

––––. Classical Pilates Technique DVDs

Recommended Resources

Pilatesology (

Siler, Brooke. The Pilates Body Kit (DVD)

–––––. The Pilates Body (2000)

–––––. Women’s Health Big Book of Pilates (2013)

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