Host A Workshop

Cara and her team of teacher trainers are willing to travel to your studio to teach either a Mat Plus or Comprehensive Teacher Training Program. If this is something that interests you, please CONTACT US for more information.

Some workshop titles that can be offered include, but are not limited to:

Workshop NameDescription
The Key Chain (2hrs)All Pilates movements can be achieved with two KEY connections in the body. This workshop seeks to help students understand how to recognize these essential elements and how they are linked. We choose exercises that teachers either struggle with teaching or doing in their personal practice and work to show how these two elements make it possible.
The Art of Progression (2hrs) We review the basic Reformer order and discuss when/why/how to add in the intermediate exercises. We discuss what skills and abilities the client needs to be showing in other exercises and on other pieces of apparatus in order to progress them safely and intelligently. This workshops really solidifies the fact that Pilates is a cohesive method and the apparatus and exercises work together for our clients benefit.
Progression (2hrs)What does Progression look like in your clients and how do you know when they are ready for more? How soon is too soon? This workshop discusses some key issues surrounding the progression of clients and why it matters.
The Order of Things (2hrs)Available on the Mat or Reformer as separate workshops) – Joe Pilates taught his corrective exercise following a specific pattern. This workshop discusses the reasoning behind his thoughtful choices and helps students and teachers understand progression.
The Magic of Touch (2hrs) In Joe Pilates original studio there was very little talking. Joe and Clara both used the power of touch to teach. This workshop goes over WHY we touch, eight different types of touch, safety for students and teachers, as well how knowing when to use touch as a teaching technique and how it benefits the client.
Pilates and Seniors (2hrs)Learn a framework for teaching seniors that lays out steps from initial movement and abilities assessment, to session planning, to ‘prescribing homework’, to progression. This is a hands-on and practical workshop to give you tools for your tool box.
What Matters in the End (1.5hrs) Joe Pilates ended his sessions upright OR upside down! This workshop discusses why he did that and will teach the exercises that he commonly finished with to send his students out into the world. Most of these exercises can be done at home or while travelling.
Back Pain and Exercise (2-4hrs) Back Pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide with more than 540 million people affected at any given time. There are many options for prevention and treatment of back pain in the marketplace, yet few are proven to be effective. This workshop included a short short and interactive discussion which highlights the most effective methods currently understood by science. We then apply the information to the Pilates methods and work though scenarios using YOUR clients as case studies. Questions and discussion are welcome for anything regarding back pain and exercise, and Pilates.
Studio Success (1 hr)This workshop is for Pilates teachers and studio owners who want to learn more about running their business. Whether a small at home business or a large studio, this information will help you! Marketing, scheduling, studio policies and more are discussed. Lots of time is available for Q & A.